Difference between chauffeur and wedding chauffeur

Chauffeur and wedding chauffeur

Wedding Chauffeur Hertfordshire


We are asked on many occasions to justify the cost of a chauffeur driven car service to take the bride or groom to a wedding and an actual Wedding Chauffeur?

This blog post will hopefully answer some questions for those looking for either a Chauffeur Service In Hertfordshire or a specialist Wedding Chauffeur In Hertfordshire.

Vehicle Presentation and Preparation.

Whatever your chauffeur driven car hire request is, we guarantee that we will always provide our clients with a beautifully presented and clean vehicle.  Subject to weather conditions of course.

Before we undertake your booking, your vehicle will be checked over and given a quick once over to ensure that it arrives to you spotless.

For wedding bookings in Hertfordshire your vehicle will be specially prepared for just before your booked time in order to ensure that your chauffeur driven car arrives in absolute immaculate order for your special day.

We will finish the preparation process by adding final touches of ribbons and bows if required.

The preparation of one of our wedding cars will usually take anything between 60-90 minutes.

When booking a chauffeured wedding car, we will usually block book an additional hour on top of your required booking request, e.g. Our wedding pricing is usually based on the example below:

60-90 Minutes Vehicle Preparation
120 minutes to include collection from location and convey to church/registry office and onward travel to your reception.
Final 30 minutes for photography at reception location.

Our wedding chauffeur prices are based on minimum of four hours hire. Which means that our clients do not feel the need to be rushed or if there are any other unforeseen circumstances we will still wait without any pressure.

The price for your wedding chauffeur service will vary dramatically depending on many various factors BUT prices on the above service start at £300 plus vat per vehicle.


We understand that the full above Wedding Chauffeur Hire is not always in clients budgets or not what they are looking for.
So as an alternative offer our standard VIP Chauffeur driven car service and reasonable minimum rates which start at £150.00 plus vat based on two hours hire.

The above standard chauffeur service is simply our no frills wedding service and includes the following:

Vehicle prepared in advance of your booking.
Chauffeur collects client/s at agreed time and conveys client to location.

The service would not include ANY WAITING TIME, simply put the service is to convey clients from A to B in a beautiful Mercedes or BMW with no wedding ribbons or additional preparation of the vehicle.

Most of our wedding chauffeur clients will usually book the Full Wedding Car Hire Service not only for peace of mind but understanding that on their special day they will not be pressured with time restraints and a perfect vehicle for a perfect day.

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